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LED Lighting and Photography

If you do a lot of picture-taking and photography in general while you’re on vacation or out touring the countryside, you’ll want to make sure about a few essentials. First, you can never have enough batteries, as a dead camera is as good as no camera (actually worse, because it weighs more and you still need to keep your eye on it). Second, you want to make sure you have enough data storage or film to use for the duration of your touring, as finding new pieces on the spot can be time-consuming and expensive (if even possible, depending on where you are). And third, you want to make sure you have just the right light. While natural light is always preferable when available, it’s not going to help during the night or throughout undesirable weather. For that reason, taking along a portable light source can be a huge help to the aspiring travel photographer.

While some people do go through all the hassle of transporting tons of lighting equipment while traveling, the weight load and the difficulty prevents most from doing the same. Lack of portability, however, isn’t quite the problem that it used to be. After all, technology’s advanced quite a bit recently (just think, a decade and a half ago someone would have thought you were crazy if you said almost no one brings along cameras with actual film on vacations any longer). If you can fit what amounts to basically a miniature computer in your pocket (hello, Smartphone users), then you can certainly bring along pocket-sized light sources that work just as well.

The advent of LED lights has been a boon to many, photographers in particular. Unlike fluorescent light that, while efficient, ruins pictures with its strange afterglow, LED light is clean, crisp, and less bothersome. LEDs can pack a huge punch, emitting light that’s several times as bright as that produced by incandescent light sources. For that reason, even a small LED light can produce effective light coverage. With strong efficiency standards as well, LEDs can last a long time, so replacing their power source shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re repeatedly using the lights over long stretches of time.

Let’s face it: taking photos on the road has never been easier already. But if you’re looking to take perfect pictures on any tour, you sometimes need some help in a few departments, lighting being an area where many are lacking. Using LED lights for tour photography though can save you tons of hassle while also lightening your load.

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