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Central Greece Pictures
Delphi and Meteora
A trip through central Greece will take you through some beautiful landscape, scenery and of course Delphi. 

One of the most important sanctuaries in ancient Greece nestled on a hillside was Delphi. The Greeks also believed that this was the center of the universe. The first oracle established at Delphi was dedicated to Gea and Poseiden. The serpent Python was installed in a nearby cave and he communicated with the Pythian preistess. Python in turn was slain by Apollo. To celebrate this, the Pythian games were established here and took place every 8 years. Over one thousand years Greeks made their pilgrimage here to seek divine directions in matters of war, worship, love or for any other matter requiring prophecy. Even Alexander the Great came here before his conquest. The pilgrims would offer their sacrifice and wait as the Pythian priestess would chant her prophecies. A priest would then interpret and relay her chants back to the pilgrim. 

There are many ruins of temples, treasuries and other buildings on the site. The most important temple on this site is the Temple of Apollo where the oracular chasm or cave entrance was supposed to be found, though none can be seen. Only the foundations and a few columns of this temple can still be seen. There is also a small museum on the site with some interesting finds.

Just north of Kalambaka you will find the monasteries of Meteora. They are really amazing to see, photograph and visit since they are perched atop virtually inaccessible pinnacles of rock. Meteora means 'rocks in the air". The monasteries and churches within are really interesting to visit. It was also here that a scene from a James Bond movie was filmed in 'For Your Eyes Only'.

Temple of Apollo

Hilltop view of Delphi
Ruins on hillside opposite Temple of Apollo site

Walkway and front walls
of Delphi site

Walls of Delphi
View of Mount Olympus in background

Panoramic view
of Meteora rock cliffs
atop cliffs at Meteora
Rock with a face at Meteora

Great Meteora Holy Monastery
Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoran
Church in Patras

Meteora Monastery
perched on rock
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