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History of Vergina in Northern Greece

Vergina, is a famous town in northern Greece especially for the archaeological department. The reason behind the popularity of Vergina lies behind the fact that it is situated above the ancient capital of the Greek Macedonia, and beneath the modern city. There are still many wonders of the ancient world that are present and that are still waiting to be discovered. Apart from the archaeologists and the people, tourists interested in the historical places, Vergina is also popular among those who want to experience a perfect blend of the modern and the ancient world. While travelling through the famous places of the town, the visitor can visit the museums and the many other places of interest of the ancient Greek Macedonia.

Vergina: Every Place Is Needed to be Visited

There are numerous places to visit in the town and it is often difficult to cover all the places in case the visitor has not pre-planned the trip. If you want to enjoy your trip to Vergina at the fullest, it is advised that either you hire a taxi, or take the services of the train journeys that run in the town to cover the places nearby the town and to explore the ancient tombs and places.

The Glorious History of Vergina

The thing that attracts the visitors towards the town of Vergina, is its ancient history. The glorious history of the town attracts almost everyone. For those who are not aware about the history of Vergina, here are some of the well-known facts about the history of the town.

Modern Vergina was established in the year 1922, and it is situated near the villages named as the Koutles and Barbes. But as the site was previously considered to be situated above ancient Greek Macedonia, the archaeologists have always been keen to find some sculptures or some residues of the ancient civilization. Vergina got famous after the year 1977, when a famous Greek Archaeologist found the Tomb of Macedonian King, Philip II and unmasked the archaeological importance of the town to the world. Apart from the tomb there are many other findings that confirmed that the Vergina is situated right above the ancient Aigai of Macedonia.

Places That Count On The Vergina Visit

The famous things or places that are worth seeing while travelling through the town are as follows:

Tomb of Philip II

This is considered as the discovery that made the place famous for the visitors as well as the archaeological departments.

Discovered in the year 1977 by the Greek archaeologist, M. Andronikos, the tomb is the barrel vault of the king who was the father of Alexander The Great. After this finding, the town attracted many archaeologists and many of them made great discoveries.

Vergina Sun, a symbol of ancient Greek Macedonia, has been found in the tomb of Philip II, and it is considered as the symbol of an ancient civilization.

Tomb of Persephone

Another tomb that was found by archaeologists is the Tomb of Persephone, which however did not contain anything, but the walls of the tomb have some marvelous and ancient paintings that talk about the art and culture of the ancient civilization.

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