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“Pride of the Minoans – Saving the Royal Palace of Knossos’ on the island of Crete is one of many articles on Greece that I have enjoyed reading in the Archaeology Magazine for years now. It’s an excellent magazine to read especially if you are planning a trip to Greece and looking for places to visit or newly discovered places to visit. This magazine provides opinions, facts and views from archeologists in the field. Plus, this magazine looks at existing archeological sites and new ones that are being constantly discovered or revealing newly uncovered discoveries! Basically, it will give you more information and what to look for when visiting Greece.

I picked up an issue that I have saved from the not very distant past but still very relevant for today. The January/February 1999 issue featuring the Royal Palace of Knossos article.

I feel that it’s often good to save past issues because you never know when you will want to re-read certain articles and the articles are a great starting reference point before you plan your next trip to Greece, Italy, Egypt or for any other country that may be covered in this magazine.

I could have pulled out any issue about any article on Greece to do my review on but I like this article because it is comprehensive and includes many useful photos and diagrams. The article itself discusses the problems facing the preservation of the palace due to erosion, the local development and the plus 1 million tourists who visit the site each year. The article also looks at in a fair amount of detail the history of the Minoans (around 2000 BC to 11100 BC) and reached their height between 1700 BC to 1450 BC, their historical accomplishments (first form of writing in Europe called Linear A, a system of plumbing and running water). The article examines their palace plus it gives you a reconstruction of the palace of what it would have looked like and how it appears today. It discusses the history after the disappearance or fall of the Minoans.

This article also provides opinions from experts in the field of archaeology with respect to this palace. It also briefly discusses the excavation efforts of Arthur Evans who discovered this ancient site as well as his questionable restoration techniques which may be causing more harm than good.

For a reader who is unfamiliar about the Minoans and the Palace of Knossos, this article provides you with everything you need to know in one excellent article and puts this civilization’s place in history in perspective – who they were and what this ancient civilization accomplished. For more information on the Minoans, you may want to read my DVD documentary review of Lost Worlds: Crete and Santorini.

Besides the country of Greece, this magazine also covers the archaeology and past of many other countries worldwide (both ancient and more recent) and various topics in all fields of archaeology and paleontology. Instead of having to search for it, you have it in front of you in each glossy monthly issue. This magazine allows you to read about and discover places you may never have known existed or heard about and also about newly discovered archaeological finds. It is a treasure trove and wealth of information. Sometimes you can only wish that you could visit all these places, but by reading about these places, sometimes it’s the closest we’ll get to be there… at least for the time being!

Overall, the Archaeology Magazine contains well-researched and well-written articles full of glossy photos and diagrams of currently known and recently excavated sites. It keeps you up-to-date in an interesting way on what’s happening in the field of archaeology. It’s an excellent magazine to read for people interested in archaeology, history and for people who love to travel and would like to use this magazine as a guide for future places to visit.

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