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Large and high quality Greece pictures and photos of the Greek islands

Greece pictures, online Greece and the Greek islands picture tour including the history, archaeology of various regions of Greece

Greek Island of Ios - hilltop view of blue domed churches

History, archaeology and pictures of Greece

Take a tour of Greece, ancient Greek archaeological sites, museums and the beautiful Greek Islands. On this website you will find a brief history and discussion of places to visit along with unique and original photographs of selected popular Greek venues. Sites of historical and archaeological significance and places less often visited by tourists.

Begin your journey in Athens, the cradle of democracy and her spectacular ancient ruins and museums. Travel south to the first mainland Greek civilization in the Peloponnese and visit the citadels of Mycenae and impressive Tiryns. Journey on to Olympia where the Olympics all began. Continue on to central Greece and visit the oracle at Delphi and the cliff top monasteries in Meteora.

Equally spectacular is northern Greece. Particularly the Macedonian lands of Philip and Alexander the Great. Many travelers omit this part of Greece from their trip. Take a look and read why it should be visited. A brief history and discussion on Macedonian, Roman and Byzantine archaeological sites has now been added to this section.

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Finally end your tour on the colorful Greek islands. The islands have something to offer for everyone. Visit the excavated ancient ruins of Akrotiri on Santorini, once buried by a massive volcanic eruption. Enjoy the beautiful colors of the Santorini landscape. Visit the Minoan civilization on Crete or relax on the beaches or at the many outdoor restaurants and patios.

When visiting Greece, I suggest that you make two trips here because there is so much history to see, beaches to relax on and culture to enjoy. On your first trip visit Athens and the Greek islands. Your second trip should be to the Greek mainland.

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Regions of Greece: Information and Picture Galleries


Southern Greece - Peloponnese
Mycenae - citadel
Tiryns - citadel
Nauplia - first capital of Greece. Venetian castles and fortresses
Olympia - Where the Olympics all started. Ancient ruins and museum.

Central Greece
Delphi - home of the oracle
Meteora - famous for its monasteries perched high atop rocks

Northern Greece
Kavala - beautiful port city
Dion - sacred city of the Macedonians
Pella Museum
Philippi ruins

Greek Islands
Santorini - volcanic island and ancient Akrotiri
Ios - iconic blue domed churches
Crete - remnants of Minoan civilization
Siros - not as well-known an island

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